July 2021 Market Commentary

July 2021 Market Update provided by our partners at Schwab

by Robert Duncan on July 30, 2021


Our partners at Schwab have provided us with a July 2021 Market Update, a few key takeaways are listed below. 

  1. Increased vaccine rates continue to drive economic activity globally, but new virus strains provide new challenges.
  2. US stocks have done very well, but may be approaching a peak, as they are getting expensive.
  3. Opportunities look good for international stocks going forward as they have better valuations compared to US stocks.
  4. Interest rates should trend higher as growth continues, with the Fed contemplating raising rates sooner than anticipated. This may put pressure on bond prices but will provide higher yields for the future.
  5. As always, predicting the future is a futile effort, broad diversification that provides exposure to multiple asset classes may help minimize risk. Any investment strategy should match the goals and needs of your ministry and be monitored regularly. 

To learn more, you can view the full reports at the links below. 

Investing & Markets Outlook July 2021

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