Support the Kingdom causes you care about.

Endowments are a great way to ensure your charitable giving will continue forever. 

The Baptist Foundation of California helps individuals and churches resource hundreds of Southern Baptist ministries in California and around the world. Individuals can choose a single gift, multiple gifts over time, or an endowment contribution that provides perpetual gifts. 

"The benefit of endowments is they provide funds that last forever," says BFCal chief investment officer Bradley Frailey. "Their rewards are always long-term and will be managed with future generations in mind."

Causes You Can Support Through BFCal's Endowments
The Local Church

The BFCal Local Church Endowment

  • Established for the purpose of receiving gifts for the support of local churches from interested donors. Distributions are to be made as specifically requested by the individual donors who make principal contributions to this fund from time to time. 
California SBC Churches

The BFCal General Endowment

  • Established for aiding, assisting, and promoting the Foundation's program and related undertakings, institutions, agencies, or causes that are fostered, sponsored, or sanctioned by the California Southern Baptist Convention. 

The Kendall Memorial Mission and Church Site Endowment Fund

  • Provides loans and/or gifts to small churches or new missions related to California Southern Baptists.

The CSBC Endowment Fund

  • Supports the operations of the California Southern Baptist Convention.

The California Women’s Ministries Fund

  • Supports the operations of the CSBC Women's Ministry.
Christian Higher Education

The BFCal / California Baptist University Double Major Scholarship Endowment

  • Funds scholarships for CBU ministry students who have declared a second major.

The California Baptist University Endowment Fund

  • Supports the operations of California Baptist University.

The Cecil J Pearson Applied Theology Degree Scholarship Fund

  • Provides scholarships for CBU Students majoring in applied theology.

The Gateway Seminary Endowment Fund

  • Supports the operations of Gateway Seminary.
International Missions

The Karen Denise Watson Endowment Fund

  • Provides scholarships for Gateway Seminary students who intend to become international missionaries.

The International Mission Board Endowment Fund

  • Supports the operations of the IMB.
Domestic Missions

The North American Mission Board Endowment

  • Supports the operations of NAMB

SoCal Baptist Ministries

  • Provides grants to CSBC churches for evangelism and outreach. 
Disaster Relief

The Disaster Relief Fund

  • Provides financial resources for disaster relief in California.
California Pastors

The Pastors’ Assistance Fund

  • Provides grants to individual pastors who are experiencing financial hardship.

The CSBC Pastors Conference Endowment

  • Supports training and developing California pastors by funding the annual CSBC Pastors Conference.

Mission: Dignity 13th Check Fund

  • Funds an annual grant to retired pastors and widows in California who are living at or below the poverty line. 
California Southern Baptist Associations

A Baptist Association is a group of Southern Baptist churches in a region that voluntarily cooperate together to accomplish ministry in their respective regions. Gifts to them resource local and regional ministries such as summer camps, training events, disaster relief, social ministries, and scholarships. BFCal manages general endowment funds for the following Baptist Associations in California:

Bridges Bay Area
Central Coast
Central Valley
Costa Meda
Crescent Bay - West LA
Delta Valley
East Bay
Feather River
Gold Coast
Golden Hills
High Desert
Inland Empire
Kern County
Long Beach Harbor
Los Angeles
Mendo Lake
Mother Lode
North Coast
Orange County
Redwood Empire
San Diego
San Fernando Valley
Sierra Butte
Sierra Foothills

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