Our Commitment


The Baptist Foundation of California will be the trusted operating foundation for California Southern Baptists through its faithful pursuit of excellence and relevance.


The Baptist Foundation of California exists to serve Baptists by raising, managing, and distributing financial resources for Kingdom causes.

Core Values

God Honoring

Holding God in highest regard as our ultimate authority, we strive to be Christ-centered and Biblically based in all that we do.


Doing the right thing in all business transactions,with transparency, so we remain true to our values while earning the trust of our clients and peers.


Seeking to exceed expectations by delivering exceptional services, while displaying professional expertise and operational superiority.


Displaying a true servant’s heart for helping others by placing the needs of clients, colleagues and others above our own while showing courtesy and respect to everyone.

Contact Us

Please contact our staff with your questions:
TOLL FREE:  877-322-1001
OFFICE: 909-738-4000
EMAIL: [email protected]