Investment Philosophy

Matt 25:14-30 

We believe in time-tested fundamentals of asset management coupled with modern analytics all executed within a Christian worldview. We desire to know our clients deeply so we may work with them to craft the best possible solution to meet their needs allowing them to be faithful and obedient stewards. 

On-going Evaluation

We proactively monitor and track our portfolios to ensure that they are still appropriate for meeting our client’s goals and objectives. Additionally, we are also in close contact with our clients to monitor their situation. Portfolio changes may be warranted due to changes in either the investment landscape or the client situation. We take care in selecting our underlying managers to fit our client’s objectives.

Christian Worldview

Where administratively possible we screen our holdings to ensure Biblically Responsible Investing. In addition, we operate with a commitment to excellence, transparency, and integrity and commit to providing our clients the high-level experience they deserve. 

Missional Impact Investing

We offer fixed income investments that are invested in loans made by the Foundation to churches and other Christian ministries in CA and around the US. These funds provide competitive fixed rates of return to investors and are a way for our clients that are blessed with financial resources to bless other ministries in need of funding.  

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Diversification and Asset Allocation

Diversification and asset allocation form the cornerstone of every portfolio and are the biggest drivers of returns and is a key factor in building a portfolio that is built for the long-term. By diversifying the portfolio we can help manage risk more effectively. We recognize that there is no investment completely devoid of risk, and that taking well-reasoned and appropriate risk will be rewarded. Our portfolios have the potential to utilize equities, fixed income, alternatives, and diversified strategies to deliver potentially higher long-term returns.