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For more than 65 years the core ministry of The Baptist Foundation of California has been raising and managing resources for California Southern Baptist. That purpose remains our vital and vibrant focus as we manage more than $160 Million for Southern Baptist churches, institutions, organizations, and individuals who have established charitable trusts. In just the last 10 years, we have distributed more than $39 Million of earnings from those funds to benefit the Lord’s work.


The Baptist Foundation of California will be the trusted operating foundation for California Southern Baptists through its faithful pursuit of excellence and relevance.


The Baptist Foundation of California exists to serve Baptists by raising, managing, and distributing financial resources for Kingdom causes.

You want to direct funds to help ministry thrive but you wrestle with uncertainty, lack of a plan, and lack of Kingdom-minded options. We understand it’s complicated; we make it easy to invest in Kingdom initiatives. We can help you provide long-range funding for ministry through loans, endowments, and estate planning. We offer personal guidance to help you strategize, create, and execute a customized plan to accomplish your financial goals.

We offer investing for churches, loans for churches, Christian estate planning services, ministry grants, and church legacy plans. You can learn more below!

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